Kit + Hooks Brush Bar Becomes The Bay Area Beauty Mavens Secret Weapon


The newest holy grail item to hit the internet, the Kit + Hooks Brush Bar takes the summer beauty cake.

A sleek bar that holds your makeup essentials upright and separated. The unique silicone grips brushes, pencils and tools of different sizes to keep your setup neat and organized. Brush Bar can hold up to 40 of your most utilized makeup essentials and is perfect for today’s makeup artists as well as your everyday makeup enthusiast.

Launching September 1st, Kit + Hooks Brush Bar will be available for all beauty addicts worldwide. Never fuss again with keeping brushes in place or waiting on the dreaded drying time.

Lead artist for NARS Cosmetics (and makeup artist for Bob Cut Mag issue 1), Janice Daoud is ecstatic on the latest product that’s been gracing multiple of her Instagram updates, “I’m hooked. #kitessentials.”

And anything that Janice loves, we purchase IMMEDIATELY. Have you seen Kit + Hooks’ Instagram however, the people over at Brush Bar show you the many ways to use, style, and carry your Brush Bar around.


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Written by Anthony Rogers, images via Kit and Hooks — You need to get these beauty must-haves on your vanity TODAY.

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