Made From Concentrate: Drifter Organics is Feeding Your Skin


Let your skin feast on the best of what it needs; in a community of all-natural and straight from the source individual brands – we run towards Drifter Organics as the up and coming Bay Area beauty brand for vegan skincare. Let this mother-daughter duo educate you on a proper skincare regimen.


Here’s the question, if you wouldn’t eat it [current skincare ingredients] then why would you put it on your face? Drifter Organic’s founders Micaela and Dawn Marie posed the very same question. “’Would I actually put something on my skin I would never eat?’ We strive to make good food choices, yet we let what we put on our skin slide off our radar. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and absorbs 60% of what we put on it. What are we feeding our skin?“ says the two after trying and trialing multiple skincare brands to no healthy avail. However when the time came, the fab pair took an immediate stand and began the process of making their one-of-a-kind skincare line, Drifter Organics.


Being a power-house mother-daughter duo, Micaela and Dawn Marie set out to make beauty and beauty products simple again. Providing actually gluten-free body and skincare products, the two have been making waves in Bay Area wellness. “Micaela and I spent countless hours at health food stores and online in an attempt to find gluten-free skincare products. We were disappointed to find out that there weren’t many options available. Many make the claim they are gluten-free but have a disclaimer saying they are not made in a gluten-free facility, which means they could be cross-contaminated. We decided with the amount of time and effort we were investing in trying to find allergy-friendly skincare, we might as well make it ourselves,” Dawn Marie tells us.

The batches of these lovely jars contain ingredients that your body knows and loves. What you may find in them could possibly be carrots, raw chocolate, lemons, ginger, rose, chamomile, and much more. All savvy style mavens sprint for these key ingredients.


Micaela and Dawn Marie of Drifter Organics.

The two have made it their mission to provide customers with safe, all natural products that are safe for both above and below the skin.

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Photographs by Ariel Tzu-Chi

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