Marcus Jansen at the Weinstein Gallery: You SERIOUSLY Need to Go

 Marcus Jansen at the Weinstein Gallery: You SERIOUSLY Need to Go

The world’s a bit off-kilter these days, as every news outlet and social media platform like to remind us daily, hourly.

What’s rare in this time of “fake news” is to find both enlightening and inspiring art that provides a lens of understanding and blatant honesty. Marcus Jansen, whose work is currently on display at the Weinstein Gallery, does just that.

Jansen’s art was originally inspired by street art and graffiti—the outward message that this kind of creativity sparks. His time spent in the U.S. Army had a profound affect on him; when he returned from Desert Storm, art was an avenue through which he could work through his PTSD. His art tackles the big issues, mostly painted upon large canvases in varying landscapes and planes. Some topics noted are cyber security, surveillance, political resistance, GMOs, and corporate greed.

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One collection, called the Faceless series, consists of portrait-style paintings done in a more classical style, all devoid of faces. One face looks burned out in a red fuzz, another painting possesses the head of a rabbit, entitled Faceless Jackass. Inspired by the financial crisis in 2008, Jansen’s series blatantly points to the faceless quality of corporate power holders. Who are they? Do they answer for the wreckage?

Jansen’s style vacillates between surrealism and expressionism, inspiring introspection and offering shreds of hope. This exhibition at the Weinstein Gallery’s SOMA location is the first time the artist’s work has been on display on the West Coast, having escaped Hurricane Irma to make it here from Jansen’s studio in Florida. A collection that has so much to say, we don’t think you’ll want to miss this. Head to the Weinstein Gallery before Jansen’s work leaves in mid-January.

// Marcus Jansen’s art is on display at the Weinstein Gallery on 444 Clementina Street, SoMa, until Nov. 20th. From there, it will reopen at 349 Geary St. to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Weinstein Gallery. The exhibition will include ten new works and will run through Jan. 20th;

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