Meet The Man Who Has Dished 5,320 Reviews In His Time At The Chronicle

If you are an owner of an eating establishment, the name Michael Bauer should send shivers down your spine. Whether he’s talking up the next latest and greatest or “pistol whipping” his not so fave — this man can surely eat.

This week, Michael Bauer has announced his 30 years with the SF Chronicle as their premiere food critic circa 1986. And if you need a quick history lesson, the paper has just put together an extremely detailed memoir on his time with the Chron.

Whether he’s reviewing people such as Judy Rodgers, who took over Zuni Cafe in 1987; Nancy Oakes who “took American food to a new level” at L'Avenue in 1988; Suzette Gresham who opened Acquerello in 1989 or even today’s moderns like chef Corey Lee of SFMOMA’s In Situ — Bauer has been unashamed of his many remarks in the SF food scene.

While reflecting on the big names in eats, he’s also reflected on the weird trends that never seemed to catch on — “sushi dessert” is namely one of them — and after a string of multiple scandals involving him and his partner Michael Murphy, the man kept on eating.

And if you’re doing the math right, that’s three reviews per week for 30 years.

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