Sweet-tooths Galore! The Museum Of Ice Cream Is Staying in San Francisco

After extending past various closure dates, the Museum of Ice Cream keeps the freezer alive by staying permanent in the One Grant space.

Now Eater SF reports that the Ice Cream haven will remain at its Grant Street hub in San Francisco indefinitely, citing a museum spokesperson saying, “Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco will continue to keep its doors open indefinitely, due to the extremely favorable public reception.”

The “museum”, with its oversized novelty “exhibits” that include a gigantic pool of plastic sprinkles, has proven traction with the Insta-craving crowd. What is proving is that tourists have access to the Museum whenever they may roam. Though, you may be wondering, Bob Cut you just wrote a story about the subjectivity of the concept of a “museum"—well don’t worry, gang, they beat us to the punch-ish…

Photo courtesy of the Museum of Ice Cream.

Photo courtesy of the Museum of Ice Cream.

In their words, “a museum in our opinion celebrates creativity, passion, history, innovators and innovations, and we created Museum of Ice Cream in this spirit. While we are neither a non-profit nor an official museum, we are built upon the foundation of sharing and celebrating imagination.” Mmkay.

Also you should be aware that the $38 entry price still stands and won’t be changing anytime in the near future. So for those who’ve wanted to go but didn’t have time nor a good reason, hey now you can.

// 1 Grant Ave, Union Square, museumoficecream.com. Photography by Michael Juliano.

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