Monday Morning Coffee

“Is it Friday yet?”

Monday morning, the day that people most dread. Monday signals the start of a new week of either disaster or opportunity. People cannot handle that type of pressure. 

But there is one thing that assures a good Monday regardless of the circumstances. Coffee (Or a smoothie if you’re not a coffee drinker). There is something almost cult like amongst the Monday morning workers, no other day of the week can create this type of army. Your office life can be dictated as to how you got your coffee that morning.

This image was styled by SF Stylist Cerise Lee. Her ingenious rolling technique fabricated this scarf coffee mug.

Coffee is an interesting subject really because it can command our lives so heavily depending on what we do! An excerpt from Distractify, “Your body naturally produces a hormone called cortisol that helps you feel alert and awake. That is released according to your circadian rhythm, dictated by the time of the day. So, if you have a habit of drinking coffee when you first wake up, you may want to wait a bit longer so that your caffeine isn’t wasted during a time when cortisol is at its highest.”

So if you’re thinking about it, not even a cup of coffee can alert you first thing in the morning. It’s funny know? We meet all these people who are like, “I need my morning coffee or don’t talk to me.” It’s more of a placebo effect rather than an actual happening.

Written and Photographed by Anthony Rogers, Styled by Cerise Lee

Anthony is the founder of Bob Cut Mag and the director of business development. Anthony writes on LGBT, people, and gender issues but catch him also writing about other shenanigans he finds himself in. Want to partner with Bob Cut? Email him at

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