Because we are all simple people living, working, sleeping, and doing - we here at Bob Cut wanted to show you an easy nail look that requires little money and patience.

  1. With 3 coats of Sheer Bliss, apply evenly and lightly on every nail.

  2. When all coats have been applied, pour out Aurora onto a piece of paper and fish out the star glitters from the product. Apply them with a toothpick to your nail(s).

  3. Take your Nail Jewelry Parts and apply them to wherever your aesthetic pleases you. For me, I applied the gold chain to the cuticle of the ring finger!

All products used in this small photo essay are all bought at DAISO Dollar Market. An equivalent to your local dollar store.

Little details that draw attention with clean impact. For this look, it’s all about using a single color base (Klein Color in Sheer Bliss) and adding trinkets to it. (Klein Color in Aurora & Nail Jewelry Parts.)

Our lovely model Olivia is adorning a milky white base color with a beaded chain running across her cuticles on her ring finger.

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