Off The Menu: BUZZ Burgers On Geary Evolves into Native Burger

Off The Menu: BUZZ Burgers On Geary Evolves into Native Burger

As we were passing the spot on the 38, we noticed the chic BUZZ sign had been taken down and a new sign was being erect, Native.

A local spot across the street from Mel's Diners and next door to Hong Kong Lounge 2, BUZZ (now Native) has stayed under the radar but has seemingly impressed the neighbors for years at a time. 

One neighbor even expressed their taste for the hole-in-the-wall, "Wow. The burgers and sweet potatoes fries are delicious!! Grass feed, not too thick, seasoned perfect. The place is extremely clean, and nicely setup. Service was great, too. I'm so glad we found this place!!" Collin. L, one reviewer wrote on BUZZ's Yelp page to say that the space was going to re-open as Native, "Buzz to be reopened sometime next month under new ownership as "Native Burger".

So for now, don't expect to find the place with it's big "BUZZ" worthy word standing in the wind, but we will update this article once food has been ingested into our bellies.

// 3420 Geary Blvd, Inner Richmond, no website yet.

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