Neko Atsume, The Mobile Game You Aren’t Playing.


Bringing back Tamagotchi realness, Neko Atsume will let you relive those years of nostalgia. Happy scrolling.

What seems to be a very simple cat watching game really turns out to be a simple cat watching game. That is all. Neko Atsume, released on October 20, 2014, has taken many of the bay area residents by storm. Whether you’re on the bus, at dinner, or soaking in the tub. Checking in on your kittens is easy and doesn’t require doing ANYTHING. Really.

The purpose of the game is to see how your cats feel, buy in game toys and food for them, and take screenshots to share with friends and family. Nothing dies, nothing poops, and nothing gives birth. You literally can’t mess it up.

The more you take care of them, the more they come back and visit. They will bring you different variants of fish to exchange for toys and nests for the strays to cat nap. The simplicity of this game seems too good to be true but others say it is, “my bridge to a better life.” - Polygon.

Stressed from exams, dating, or life in general - it’s easy for you to pop on, take a chill pill, and breathe deeply.


Are you on it? Have you met any furry friends you wish were actually real? I’ve got 99 cats and one more doesn’t hurt.

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