These new restos and bars are giving the Bay Area food scene a run for it’s money. Will they live up to the hype though?



The former Bar Tartine chefs, Nick Balla and Cortney Burns, took matters into their own hands and created what could possibly be a showstopper of a Japanese restaurant. Taking over the former Herbivore space on Valencia st, Motze joins the impressive line up of food, shopping, and sites to be had on Valencia. Mixing their culinary skill from Japan and California, their fare is on the up and up of must try before you die. // 983 Valencia St, Mission,


True Food Kitchen

Palo Alto just got a detox they desperately needed and we mean in the food catagory of course! True Food Kitchen is not just for the die-hard Yogi but it is also a desire to give your body nutrients, and your palate something memorable. The must snag meal, ‘Organic Tuscan Kale’, has been sending veggie lovers in a food coma frenzy. We’re serious, it’s that filling. All sourced locally within South Bay, we’re pretty sure TFK won’t be too empty. // 180 El Camino Real Suite 1140, Peninsula,

Horsie’s Saloon

As recently reported by us, Horsie’s Saloon came out of nowhere and instantly won the hearts and taste buds of the Mission. Owner Paul Miller quickly applied for his liquor license and opened the bar inside the Royal Cuckoo. So what’s the drink to try? “Horsies Mary,” a bloody Mary that includes two shots of the digestif Underburg. Oh my god. // 3202 Mission St, Mission,


The Bird

And we’re nom’ing hard on their fluffy and beautifully roasted chicken sandwichs, SoMa just won another eatery heartthrob. From the mind of consulting chef Blair Warsham, The Bird has crafted this mouthwatering chicken sandwich with gluten-free, berbere-spiced batter. The lines of people waiting “patiently” prove it. And the sandwich is $8, and comes in regular or spicy — easy peasy. Hoping to sell at least 200 sandwiches at launch, these hungry techies won’t soon go hungry. They’re planning only to stay open for as long as it takes. // 115 New Montgomery Street, SoMa,


Foundry & Lux

Say hello to the newest chill pad in South San Francisco, Foundry & Lux is a casual yet chic restaurant complex that includes a café for morning coffee, juices, and lighter fare; a large market hall that offers a wide array of lunch options; and a lounge with wood burning pizza oven, bar, bowling lanes, pool table, and outdoor fireplace seating. We can see ourselves kicking up our feet next to the fire and grubbing down on their ‘The Danny’ pizza, topped with their homemade pesto sauce, heirloom tomatoes and Sonoma goat cheese. // 151 Oyster Point Blvd, South San Francisco,

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