New Hayes Valley Art Installation Is Coming to Patricia’s Green Next Month

After David Best’s wooden temple installation was removed from the busy shopping center, we seriously missed having beautiful art to look at. Luckily, today a proposal will be brought to the SF Recs and Park commission to fill the space with new art.

The sculptures come from Yelena Filipchuk & Serge Beaulieu, the artists behind HYBYCOZO, which brings large-scale installations to Burning Man and beyond. They are above and beyond when it comes to beautiful high intensity sculptures.

This new installation will feature a ton of light play, “with unique laser cut patterned panels and LED lights that can change colors.” And if you think they look fragile and light — you’re most definitely wrong. One of the sculptures weighs 1,000 pounds while the other clocks in at 700 pounds, it’s basically vandalizing proof. Also, if we don’t have to say it. Just don’t play on them…

Once approved by the SF Recs and Park commission, we can see these sculptures light up the block Nov. 8th

Check out more of HYBYCOZO’s work below — it’s mesmerizing. //

Written by Anthony Rogers, photos courtesy of HYBYCOZO — Get that art fix in with our Bay Area art column.

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