New Mission Gallery Space, State, Welcomes Local Artists in the Bay Area


Operated by the fabulous minds of FRAMEWORK, publicity firm wizards Danielle Smith and Kimberly Verde have opened a gallery space that is for the artist by the artist.

“We have an understanding of what it takes to sustain an arts space in San Francisco,” Smith told Hoodline. “So with the current cultural climate in this city under threat, it seemed like this was something we could do to give back to the community that we’re a part of.”

With many years of ups and down in the Mission’s art history, seeing a refreshing space made simply for the presentation of art came at no better time, both Smith and Verde exhibit contemporary art with an emphasis on Bay Area artisans and project-based artwork with Smith being a longtime Mission resident.

So far, Smith and Verde are pleased with how their new venture is progressing. They say that the response to State has been overwhelmingly positive.

“I’ve met some of our upstairs neighbors, and they have been lovely,” said Verde. “As expected, the art community is supportive and most understand the need for creatives to shift and reorient their practices to keep up with the ever-changing San Francisco.”

Their current show, Material Limit by Alexis Arnold & Mary Button Durell, the show has captivated the community with its chic charm and carefully laid out personality. Coming soon to their gallery, t.W.Five: Across From us, will have an opening reception August 20 at 6 p.m.


// Go give their gallery space a look, State is open from noon-5pm, Tuesdays through Saturdays. 1295 Alabama St., San Francisco.

Written by Anthony Rogers, photos sourced from State — Do you know your art community? Well, get to know them here.

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