New Transbay Hub To Be Completed Late Next Year


Yes, your Final Fantasy dreams are about to come to life with San Francisco’s new Transbay terminal hub. Get your airships ready.

The currently under construction $2.7 billion Transbay Transit Center will sport new digs for eleven transportation systems, a completely new facade, and a rooftop park. It will also attach itself with a mini-bay bridge. How cute right?

This project will cost $22 million and is designed to connect the Transbay directly to the Bay Bridge so buses can completely skip the congested traffic coming in and out of the city.

Swaying people to take the bus rather than drive their cars into the city.

What do you guys think? Especially our East Bay residents, would this sway you to also skip using BART as often?

Written by Anthony Rogers, photo courtesy of Transbay Transit Service — Get more Bay Area news in your inbox weekly. Say hello to fresh content.

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