No Touching Art Show Encourages Viewers to Indeed Touch

On Friday nights I typically do one of two things, I either somehow get my life together and go out or sit at home alone and Netflix binge-watch. Comically through Facebook I found a way to be a social Netflix watching couch potato. How you ask? By going to an art gallery show based around a Netflix show called Arrested Development.

The event was called ‘NO TOUCHING’ and just to answer your question yes I did touch some of the art work. It hosted by Beehive Society at the Heron Art gallery. Filled with a mixture of small local artists, the show was filled with artists work based on inspiration from the show’s characters. Overall, for such a small space they managed to squeeze in a good group of artists that were featured. For those who are a fan of the show it’s definitely hilarious to see artists create and interpret each characters. What was great too was prints were also available for those who wanted to take home a member of the Bluth family.

For those who sadly have not watched the show yet which by the way, is all available for last minute summer binge-watching,to best describe the show, it’s essentially about the Bluth family that is all equally irredeemable and is selfish in their own very special way. Imagine a sarcastic Modern Family with Michael Cera in it and you have Arrested Development.

Overall, it was definitely a treat for those who are fans of the show and for those who aren’t they were actually showing episodes of the show on a wall. If you walked out of the gallery after seeing the art, and still didn’t have the drive to watch the show I don’t know what to tell you.

For those who are now suddenly interested in the show I will share the quote that sparked my interest in the show and it is, “The Banana stand ALWAYS has money!”.

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