North Bay Songwriter Nataly Dawn Announces Second New Album in Collaboration with Patreon


The musical genius behind experimental duo group, Pomplamoose, Nataly Dawn has just announced her next album drop and why she decided to flip the music industry on its head.

Known widely for duo project Pomplamoose with husband Jack Conte, both Nataly and Jack have had the pleasure to pursue solo projects as flourishing musicians.

Dawn, however, has just announced the release of her newest album ‘Haze’ set to be released on Spotify and iTunes this fall. And the most impressive thing about it? Dawn has created a full-scale album with the backers of her Patreon page, no record label, no third party music agent, and here is why:


Dawn, a successful musician on the blog-o-sphere has been created music for several years. Whether on YouTube, touring, or getting involved with the Bay Area music scene as a producer and in those several years, Dawn crowdfunded a fully produced album charting at $104,788.00 in backer funds. This got Dawn fired to create the album of her dreams.

Using every last cent of the funds, Dawn collaborated with fabulous musicians, created the physical CD and Vinyl and later signed with Nonesuch Records based in Burbank, California. Her debut album with Nonesuch, “How I Knew Her“, topped indie music charts internet wide. Mojo gave it four stars, as did the Daily Telegraph, which called Dawn’s debut, “delightful.” The BBC called it “the sound of a woman brimming with ideas as she seizes her moment.” But Dawn found that having a label wasn’t for her as a budding musician.

A quick lesson for all of you at home, a record label will “fund” you $50,000.00 dollars to make the album, tour, and fund the presence of your music. But what they don’t explain is that you are essentially taking out a loan out through them. This is what they expect to be paid back through album sales. Plus interest.

Dawn found an alternative to funding her music.

With the help of 650 monthly patrons, Dawn used every single dime of her total to fully produce ‘Haze’. And without having to [pay it back], Dawn is giving back with amazing tunes that her patrons are sure to love. The patrons alone have flipped the script on the traditional music industry.

With the last push of Patreon funds and the help of Tiny Telephone Recordings (1458 San Bruno Ave, San Francisco), Dawn has made fall the season for her album to drop. “It’s not a month or day…” says Dawn about the release.

Need more info about how Dawn plans to get the album to you? Take a watch below:

// Support Nataly on her Patreon or purchase the album on either iTunes or Spotify when it drops.

Written by Anthony Rogers, images sourced from Nataly Dawn’s Facebook page and Nonesuch Records — Get more musical musings on our event calendar. Keep up with your fave artists.

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