Say Goodbye To Bonfires at Ocean Beach... Yeah, We’re Serious

We hate to dish the bad news but we are lovers of a good time — a new bonfire ban goes into effect Nov. 1st and Ocean Beach is on the list.

So enjoy the classic SF outing before it’s taken away, Rules that went into effect last April governing fires on the beach mean that as of this year all fires are banned from November 1 until March 1 of next year. Sucks.

As KRON 4 reports, this ban will give the cleaning crews enough time to properly clean out the pits and toss disgusting metal pits. The ban will also help improve our air quality in hopes to raise concern during winter Spare The Air days.

Also following suit, the fires must go out before 9:30pm and must be extinguished with water ONLY. And yes, we know that sand works way better but we didn’t make up the rules. If the fires aren’t out before a park ranger comes to your camp then you could face a whopping $250 ticket (to their discretion.)

So get your s’mores kits ready and get to Ocean Beach before the ban sweeps away all the fun in even going in the first place.

Written by the Bob Cut Editors, photos by SF Community Board — Need more info about what’s getting banned in 2017? Our props guide will put you in the know.

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