Off The Menu: Hot Pot Royalty ‘Nabe’ Opens Second Location And It’s Pretty Chic

Off The Menu: Hot Pot Royalty ‘Nabe’ Opens Second Location And It’s Pretty Chic

Foodies fire up your Instagram because Nabe in the Inner Sunset (now Marina) is seriously design goals. And don’t forget about their food.

Think meaty, miso, seafood and fresh vegetable flavored shabu shabu, kamo nanban and sukiyaki (regular and large sizes $21-$29), co-owners Hilwin and Hubert Wong’s Irving Street spot has transcended it’s space into a gorgeous second location. Architect Alvin Tse spearheaded the design and development of this project and the result speaks for itself. Tse, an old friend of Wong’s, chose to complete the build-out of this former Pizza Hut and former H&R Block.

Offering an open table plan, conversations among eaters are commonly spurred in the best way possible. Taking a note from the sling line Japanese eateries, the space offers a ton of seating and ample views of its gorgeous design.

And yes, large parties are definitely welcome. Established in 2012, Nabe has been providing customers with a unique and memorable dining experience. And if you couldn’t guess, the menu is inspired by traditional Japanese nabemonos accompanied by the finest sake and craft beers as you would find in Japan.

As an added bonus, at the end of every meal, the Nabe team make at table-side, a traditional Zosui rice soup with the remaining broth.  It embodies the Japanese practice of Mottainai (i.e waste nothing!)

// Nabe, 2151 Lombard St, Marina,

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