Off The Menu: Onsen’s Seasonal Bites Will Transport You To A Faraway Land

As we reported in early October, we were VERY excited for Onsen’s grand opening and with much hype, the newly renovated spa and restaurant delivered.

With a dinner of Japanese-influenced seasonal cuisine by Chef George Meza (Oro, Ame) — think rice porridge with house kimchi, maitake dumplings with cabbage, sweet yam, mushroom broth and dill, and a daily sashimi offering. The plates are presented like a piece of art and really express the Japanese flavors of the now.

Of course their drinks are also on point, with teas from Taiwan, China, and Japan, including straightforward and medicinal varieties, plus single-herb tisanes, kombucha, and infused honey and herbs. The alcohol list focuses mainly on Japanese sakes (with three on tap), as well as a limited amount of beer and wine.

Above is a Maitake dumplings with cabbage, sweet yam, mushroom broth, and dill. The fare changes seasonally with ingredients falling in and out of the weather so we’ll report back with any changes to this article.

// 466 Eddy St., Tenderloin, — $25 for a 3 hour soak.

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