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Off The Menu: Where To Get A Cup of Tea in San Francisco

Anthony Rogersfood

Whether you’re a classic pour kind of person or wanting the latest and greatest in tea innovation, here’s a comprehensive yet small list of great teahouses to get a relaxing cup of zen. Feel the oum in every sip.

(photo by Anthony Rogers)

Tea People // Multiple Locations

Experimental tea is what the kids at Tea People are commonly known for and for good reason. Bringing together the flavors in traditional steeping and mixing the innovative ways of preparing, Tea People’s blends are one to try. What do we recommend? A cup of Nitro Tea steeped with Puerh. It’s a real kick in the pants. ($10 - $25)


(photo by Anna Wu)

KitTea // 96 Gough St, San Francisco

Who doesn’t love a soothing cup of Japanese green tea while cuddling up to a cute little kitten, owner and founder Courtney Hatt believed so. Go ahead and grab yourself a refreshing cup of their famous Matcha (Uji Hikari) and while you’re at it, why not adopt a furry friend or two. ($9)


(photo via August Uncommon)

Vive La Tarte // 1164 Howard St, San Francisco

Get mod at Vive La Tarte’s chic Howard St location — with big open spaces, having a quiet moment to yourself is for sure. Currently on the collective’s roster is tea by August Uncommon, an LA-based tea company and their array of flavors are savory. It’ll please the inner tea enthusiast in you. ($4-$5)


(photo by Andrew Hitchcock)

The Corner Store SF // 5 Masonic Ave, San Francisco

Bringing brunch to a higher place, the Corner Store SF is our go-to for a quick (unlimited) post of their roast infused green tea. Bring the whole family and dine their fabulous brunch because we’re head over heels for it. ($4.50)


(photo via Asha Teahouse)

Asha Teahouse // 17 Kearny St, San Francisco

The newest tea doyen on the block, Asha Teahouse believes there is a tea out there for everyone — so if you’re an enthusiast or a real by the books tea drinkers, finding your unique flavor will not be difficult. We recommend getting a 2 oz of their artisan Golden Buds, a black tea that reigns from the southwest of China where most of their tea is harvested. ($20)

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