One Man’s Trash Is Your Interior Dream.

A notable occurrence in the San Francisco streets are one of two things, broken furniture or human fecal matter. Of course, one of the two we want to take home and establish into our space. The clever instagram we recently discovered, SF Street Finds, documents the beautiful pieces of houseware that are abandoned and left to recycle. If you’re looking to furnish your pad, your mansion, or even your dorm room, take a gander at what SF Street Finds has to offer… well find.



What A Walk In Indeed

From the streets to now your walk in table, be at ease that your keys are safe on this tennis court green treasure. Who would want throw this out you ask? We have no clue. // Found on Van Ness and Vallejo.


More Bathroom Storage Needed

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the minimalist of them all? Well it could be you if you pulled this set off the corner of 24th and Geary. A fabulous duo made perfect for any bathroom situation. Possibly a re-sand later and your elegant side table and leaning shelf are complete. // Found on 24th and Geary.


No Such Thing As Too Many Jugs

Perfect for holding change, a candle (possibly), or even a large bouquet of flowers - this lovely stanined glass jug would look perfect in your chateau. Who doesn’t want a jug in their home? The usefulness of this item is off the charts. // Found on Van Ness Ave and Green St.


The Perfect Insta-Desk

A large, dark wood table is exactly what we need for a perfect instagram feed. Never again will you have to go through your day wondering what background will look right for the composition. For the person who left it behind, SHAME. // Found on Kirkham and 45th Ave.

All interior photos have been sourced from our pinterest board..

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