ODSY Workshop

For Bob Cut Mag.

When walking into the ODSY Workshop, you are greeted with two things. Their vast array of leathers sitting on shelves and their little showroom up against the adjacent wall.

Yina Kim and Soojin Chai of ODSY met during Yina’s final years at CCA(California College of the Arts) & from there the “hobby” took off and led them to create beautiful leather accessories. Inspired by the SF streets, their most popular piece is the “Lombard Wallet” with crooked tailored lines - the wallet purely represents the honesty of Lombard streets more visited Crookedest Road. “We go leather shopping, so we don’t buy online or out source. We make everything by hand.” said ODSY’s Yina about their process withtheir leather goods. Soojin added, “We’re not going to compare ourselves to them [other companies], because they are higher up. We focus on our work and we hope people can respond to it.”

Looking around the space, the atmosphere is warm and completely inviting. Photographer Allie Foraker and I felt so welcome in their studio with many laughs shared on topics such as the craftsmen’s field and on lifestyle magazines today. When asked about how certain styles came to be such as their Satinka – Moonrise sandal, Yina responded with, “When making the accessories, I purely was designing for myself. With the sandals, I needed shoes I could easily wear at the airport, so I gave Soojin the idea and we both made a pair.” When asked who was the handy person of the group the eyes shifted toward Soojin which made the room light up with laughter once more.

We are so humbled to have visited ODSY Workshop and we’re excited for their plans ahead! If you are curious about ODSY’s wares or have general questions about their process please make sure to visit them on their site.


Photography by Allie Foraker | Words by Anthony Rogers

Anthony is the founder of Bob Cut Mag and the director of business development. Anthony writes on LGBT, people, and gender issues but catch him also writing about other shenanigans he finds himself in. Want to partner with Bob Cut? Email him at anthony@bobcutmag.cm

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