Perfect Day is Changing The Way We Drink and Look At Milk Products


Crafting together a base of plant proteins and the mixing styles of a brewery, this Berkeley start-up has a lot to prove.

Calling themselves sustainable. Nice. and Delicious, the fermentors over at Perfect Day have found a way to create wholesome dairy products without the dairy and without cows to be quite honest.

“We wanted a way to enjoy the dairy products we love - with zero compromise. So we created Perfect Day: milk crafted without the help of a single cow (hey, she could use a day off). It’s made to be more nutritious, safe, and sustainable than factory-farmed dairy. And it tastes just like cow’s milk!“


Using less gas emissions, landfill usage, compost by-product, and less water consumption, Perfect Day is creating Milk that’s safer than the leading products found on shelves currently. These scientists of milk are leading the future for a more sustainable country. So what’s their secret?

“With natural resources and human ingenuity. Instead of having cows do all the work we make our milk with a process similar to craft brewing. Using yeast and age-old fermentation techniques, we make the very same milk proteins that cows make.“


Founder’s Ryan Pandya and Perumal Gandhi can’t help their love of cheese, “What started in 2014 with two guys, a big idea, and a shared passion for cheese, has quickly grown into a company on a mission to create a world of delicious animal-free dairy products. We thought: Why give up our favorite foods? There must be a better way. And so we brought together a diverse team of chefs, food designers, nutritionists, scientists, engineers, and one office dog, Sophie,“ the founders said about their big idea.

Written by Anthony Rogers, photos courtesy of Perfect Day — Never go hungry again with our Bay Bites Guide 2016. It’s a four-course-level-of-awesomeness.

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