'The Power of Scent' Isolates Your Senses in a Weekend Long Experience


'The Power Of Scent’ recognizes and celebrates fragrance as a true artistic medium and a consumer product. Bob Cut Mag, San Francisco's pillar of millennial printed content, brings their favorite makers, designers, and artisans at the American Craft Show 2019.


'The Power Of Scent' is an experiential installation that brings scent to the forefront of shopping. Co-designed by Bob Cut founder Anthony Rogers and Copenhagen based designer Kenta Thomas-Naoi, 'The Power Of Scent' refers to studies showing the innate power that scent has over our lives. Our first dates, our first flowers, the perfect candle that fills our space—these experiences leave a scent bookmark in our psyche that later reveals itself in an aspect of your life. Bob Cut Mag will be featuring the local scent geniuses of Etta + Billie, Basik Candle, Studio Sandoval, & Tiger Lily Perfumery. Bob Cut Mag brings an element of experience to every offline show they do, giving the attendee a moment they surely won't forget.

'The Power Of Scent' is located on the left wing of the Fort Mason building right as you walk in through the main entrance. You will be greeted by our concierge at the door and will be led into the dimly lit space one group of two at a time. As you enter the space, faint music and atmospheric sounds will be playing, your vision will become darkened and you will only see four lit pedestals in the middle of the room. Each pedestal will have a scent maker on display with bell jars encapsulating the scent (along with information on each stand). Our scent expert will hold each jar to your face from which you take a deep breath. The space emanates a sense of calm and slowness as you shop—creating a sense of ease as you unleash your sense of smell onto the products. Once you have smelled all of the designers and found our oum, you will be led back out of the space where our concierge can answer your questions about the scents, take orders, and help assist getting a maker onto your vanity. Like stepping out of a different dimension—where aromatherapy meets shopping—Bob Cut Mag presents 'The Power of Scent'.

// Come see the exhibition Aug. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th at the Fort Mason, Festival Pavilion; purchase your tickets here: fortmason.org/event/american-craft-sf-show-2019/?fbclid=IwAR0j6PsxLWB3jPMqAWiIcEQXHOYOBnZGJI6j8-xeXDdPDtNtL3VNgHdb5r8. Photography by Anthony Rogers.

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