Off The Menu: New Pescatarian-Friendly Ramen Spot Is Opening In Japantown

Off The Menu: New Pescatarian-Friendly Ramen Spot Is Opening In Japantown

And with the weather getting colder and colder by the day, a hot bowl of ramen is starting to sound better and better. Enter Hinodeya Ramen.

Chef Masao Kuribara, who previously cooked for heads of state like late Japanese Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto and the Clintons, is opening up his own space in the heart of Japantown. What sets Hinodeya apart from other ramen options around the Bay Area is that they will be serving dashi-style ramen, meaning the ramens will feature fish stocks (otherwise known as dashi), rather than the more common pork-based tonkotsu. This means that even our pescatarian foodies can now enjoy a big bowl of noodles.

Hinodeya Ramen is set to open on November 23 in the former Shalala Ramen space at 1737 Buchanan Street (between Post and Sutter), serving only a small menu at launch, they will be serving dashi ramen, beer, wine, and sake. After they soon will add appetizers and desserts.

Stepping close into Mensho Ramen’s territory, SF Chron critic Anna Roth believes, “you should absolutely wait in the line and eat this ramen.“ Our stomachs are growling while writing this.

// Hinodeya Ramen, 1737 Buchanan Street, Japantown,

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