The Roxie Theater Keeps Projectionists Rolling

The Roxie Theater still playing to its roots.

The Roxie Theater still playing to its roots.

Whenever our grandparents talk to us about how the movie's used to cost a "nickel or dime" for a Saturday night flick, we all laugh (or die) inside. Now we're spoiled with IMAX surround sound ultra HD 4K moving seats experiences that we can take some time to appreciate the subtle art of winding film.

For the Roxie Theater however, keeping the tradition alive is what makes them a San Francisco stand out to the film and cinema community. Most recently, it received a three-year extension from its landlord the summer before last, so you can expect to not see Lung, Scobie, and Sherman (The Projectionists) making your movies happen at the Roxie for at least a couple of years to come.

The Projectionists are a small group of elite cinema doyens who keep the art alive by meeting at the Roxie to continue to serve the art form. "It feels like a secret performance" Isaac Sherman, a projectionist at the Mission's Roxie Theater tells KQED.

// Their video below gives you an inside look into the mastery of spinning reel-to-reel. Get to know the master to apprentice relationships that these San Franciscans do everyday!