Salvage Supper Club Has You Eating Out of a Dumpster, Would You Do It?

Listen, we are open to a plethora of innovative dining experiences; eating from a dumpster, however… questionable. This pop-up dinner is making internet rounds with its delicious menu and odd way of presenting it.

After a few years in New York, this expanding pop-up dinner series has inevitably taken root in the Bay Area, to promote the use of bruised, overripe, or just plain overlooked and old ingredients, combining them into gourmet fare. Finally, in a somewhat questionable bit of symbolism, Salvage Supper Club is serving their feasts in the very place those ingredients might have otherwise ended up: Dumpsters.


“The idea behind this multicourse, veg-forward tasting menu is for eaters to see the incredible potential many of us fail to see in our food,” says Salvage Supper Club founder Josh Treuhaft. “I want to engage people and get them excited about food waste prevention so we send less food to the landfill or compost,” he says. “The goal here is to broaden the scope of what is edible.”

And of course, for a genuinely good cause, the earnings from the Supper series will be donated to the local group Food Runners, a nonprofit rescuing excess food from restaurants, caterers, and corporations and routing it to shelter, soup kitchens, and seniors apartments. Overall, a win-win.

Here’s the real question though, would you eat out of a dumpster? Currently, the Supper club doesn’t have any upcoming events but stay in the know on their eventbrite.

Written by Anthony Rogers, photos sourced from the Savage Supper Club — Also would you pay for $15 dollar coffee? Maybe one time? If you haven’t seen our new issue, get it NOW!

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