Get It Beauty: Samudra Skin & Sea Takes Seaweed To A Whole New... Edible Level?


Think socially-conscious and potent, the founder Shilpi Chhotray has found her balance between nourished skin and eco-friendly harvesting. Overall, she’s a pretty cool chick!

After Shilpi discovered the soothing effect of seaweed on her dry skin and eczema, she armed herself with an unique expertise in ocean conservation and social responsibility, she created a skincare line that blends ecological integrity and personal wellness using fresh and honest ingredients. Guided by a simple ethos, she built a mission-driven company committed to pure skincare that is good for people and planet. We came across the detoxifying facial mask from a friend of a friend and instantly fell in love. The mask itself was ever so gentle but really dug deep into the epidermis of our skin and left us feeling completely weightless.

Shilpi chose their core ingredient, seaweed, based on its incredible ability to replenish and renew skin. Using nothing less than local edible-grade, wild harvested kelp to hydrate, nourish and detoxify. In addition to seaweed, the formulas use a variety of plant-based ingredients to actively repair damage, boost collagen production, and brighten complexion leaving your skin naturally luminous and smooth.

To gather and safely harvest the seaweed, the team and local harvester Larry Knowles travel to the Mendocino coast where the green lines the coast beautifully. Of course, all done safely, the harvester’s use a technique called wild-crafting to ensure the health of the seaweed plants they harvest. The brand’s core message is so transparent, you could eat it.


Continuing to fuel her mission, Shilpi promotes avid ocean awareness campaigns that inspire protection of our blue planet while benefiting people and marine life. The Marine Mammal Center, a California-based organization whose goal is to advance global ocean conservation through marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation, scientific research, and education. Currently, the Center is rescuing a record number of stranded sea lion pups due to a severe food shortage and who doesn’t love sea lions? In addition, Shilpi has partnered with 5 Gyres, a global leader in reducing aquatic plastic pollution whose focus is to empower people to combat the global health crisis caused by plastic waste.


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