San Francisco Got Its Very Own Poop Emoji — Ironic No?

The locally famous Bernal Heights rock, a frequently painted and re-painted neighborhood gem just got shitier.

During primary season, you may recall, the landmark was claimed by fans of Bernie Sanders and then reclaimed by supporters of Hillary Clinton in a protracted back-and-forth. The stone had also been painted with a lighting bolt to signify David Bowie’s death but eventually, it turned purple upon the death of Prince.

San Francisco photographer & Twitter user @troyholden got up and close with the pile of poop and posted it during a hike.

Some local blogs have been using the shitter to talk about San Francisco’s human defecation problem and some found it “fitting” for the times. Posting it to sites like reddit to “memeify” the argument.

“Spotted a huge (poop emoji) on the top of Bernal Hill.”

All in all, you’ve got to love San Francisco.

Written by Anthony Rogers, photos sourced from SFist, Business Insider, and Troy Holden — What emoji do you think represents SF? Send us some Twitter love. Don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list.

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