Secret Recipe: This Spring-Style 18th Street Cobbler Is What You Need To Make Stat

Secret Recipe: This Spring-Style 18th Street Cobbler Is What You Need To Make Stat
Photography by Bre Furlong

Photography by Bre Furlong

Though we're seeing spring showers and cold winds have been more apparent, spring offers warmer days and sweeter drinks. So go ahead and make this Lo-Fi 18th Street Cobbler at home to welcome in the season.

And for those who aren't in touch with their inner bartender, don't fret. It's as simple as 1-2-3, and for those who find that difficult—we don't know what to say to you.


  • 3 oz Lo-Fi Dry Vermouth.
  • 3 oz sparkling lemonade.
  • ½ oz strawberries, or other seasonal berries or fruit.


1. Take your strawberries or seasonal fruits and crush lightly into a collins glass of choice. We suggest slicing the fruit to make the smashing process a little easier. We would take the back end of a spoon and lightly crush the fruits together. They should retain their color however, so be gentle baby.

2. Top with ice cubes or ice shreds if you want more of a boozy slushy. (Which isn't a bad thing.) Smaller ice cubes work better for this type of occasion, a good CB2 ice tray will work wonders.

3. Spike the glass with the Lo-Fi Dry Vermouth up until the ice and from there finish the drink with your choice of lemonade. Pink lemonade or classic is all acceptable.

4. For an added bonus, garnish the drink with either more fruit (raspberries, etc) or kick it up with fresh mint. One to two leaves should be enough to captivate the nose while your mouth is busy.

// You can find all of your supplies from Bitters and Bottles or K & L Wines who both ship right to your door in most states. Drinks overall proof: 33/16.5%

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