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SF Looks: Patterns On Patterns On Patterns

SF Looksfashion, promo, sf looks
SF Looks: Patterns On Patterns On Patterns

James, 22

“I am wearing my festive sweater because it's the first of December! I like colorful clothing or exciting patterns as well as comfortable clothing. I like to enjoy what I'm wearing and not take it too seriously.”

Amanda, 34

“I feel like my style is too much sometimes. But I like it. 95% of my clothes are thrifted. This 60's pink mohair jacket was found accidentally at this quiet estate sale in Napa. The jeans are 8's men's Levi's from Pretty Penny, as well as the mules. I like bright colors and mixing decades, prints, shapes and textured fabrics. It's kind of an experiment with dressing, and I prefer to ID myself thru my outfits. I don't like tight, clingy things. I'm inspired by street fashion, world fashion, and film.”


“I am wearing a second hand bomber jacket, a Forever 21 hat, a long skirt, and my fave heart shape sunglasses. Old people who are wearing bright color outfits on the street inspire me. That is very cute. I am from Tokyo, and I love wearing Japanese stuff!"

Joanna, 24

“I stopped shopping retail years ago, so thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales have largely shaped my personal style. I like for my looks to always have a playful twist, for them to be on the verge of ridiculous and costumey, but not quite there. I love dressing monochromatically and as of late cannot stop wearing all red. Here I'm wearing a thrifted kilt-like skirt paired with vintage booties I got at a vintage expo in LA, a faux-fur trim coat I found years ago at a thrift store in San Diego, and of course, my matching red wool hat and red sunglasses.”

Morgan, 22

“I'm wearing Dr Martens, American Apparel denim bottoms, a Marc Jacobs top, and a thrifted trench coat. My style inspires from local street wear to street wear I learned while living in New York.”

Tany, 38

“I'm wearing vintage, Stussy, Beams, and Converse. I like mixing different styles like outdoor, military, sports, native american, workwear. My favorite labels are Sk8, Stussy, and S/Double.”

In July 2005, Liisa Jokinen started a street style site called Hel Looks in her then-hometown of Helsinki, Finland. Liisa wanted to document individual, unique looks and styles and to spread inspiration. After doing Hel Looks for almost 9 years, both her and her husband moved to San Francisco, California in June 2014. Liisa didn’t want to stop street snapping, though, so she launched a new site, SF Looks.

This post is brought to you by SF Looks.

In July 2005, I started a street style site called Hel Looks in my then-hometown of Helsinki, Finland. In June 2014 I moved to San Francisco, California, and launched this sister site, SF Looks. After more than 2.5 years it is time to thank all my followers and San Franciscans who let their photo taken. And please follow my 3rd Looks site, NYC Looks from my current hometown New York City!

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