SF LOOKS: October Layers Up

What we consider “fall” are the light layers that we excitedly get to pile on and these fine folk are flaunting their chillier weather wardrobes.


Grant, 18

“I dress big to overcompensate for my lack of height. What helps is that I already have an eye for style in general. I wear a lot of cropped shirts on warmer days, but on colder days you’ll catch me wearing hoodies and large coats. On the contrary, I wear socks and sandals because I hate the statement that regular shoes make. Most of what I wear I try to add a touch of my own style to it by embroidering, cutting, or even writing on my clothes.”


Ish, 23

“I’m wearing a shirt thrifted in Guerneville, jeans from No Shop, a Donna Karan jacket, and Puma by Rihanna sneakers. My style is inspired by women both close to me and admired from afar. Solange for her mastery of color and silhouette, Claire Underwood for her sharp tailoring, and Rihanna for her carefree spirit. My favorite clothes have a nice fit and interesting textures, from there I pair things to see what sticks or surprises.“


Jessie, 21

“I’m wearing my roommates’ thrifted plaid trousers, a black American Apparel leotard, and an thrifted variety jacket. I tend to stick to clothes that are comfortable. I like baggy pants, bold patterns, and big jackets. As long as I have some flexibly in it, I’m happy. But honestly, most of my clothing is either borrowed or given to me from friends. If they have something that looks cool on them, I borrow it but wear it in a way that suits me. I am not really the best shopper.”


Kelly, 46

“I’m wearing a leather moto jacket from Marc Jacobs and a pair of gold glitter heels by Maison Margiela. My high-waisted jeans are from Levi’s, the scarf and sunglasses are from Celine, the vintage bag is Gucci. And that’s actually my 7-year-old daughter’s rainbow glitter purse from Stella McCartney. My style is an eclectic mix of whatever catches my eye in fashion at the moment. As a designer, I have admittedly fickle tastes. But one constant is that I try to invest in beautifully-designed, well-crafted pieces that can stand the test of time. I also have a lifelong passion for vintage clothing. Overall, my eyes seek out sparkle, fur, and sequins.”


Mer, 20

“I am wearing thrifted jeans from New York and a new thrifted shirt that I got in Portland. I am honestly inspired by people I see on the street in New York and people I follow on Instagram. Right now I’m really into baggy, oversized clothes - big tee shirts and also I’ve been into wearing hospital scrub pants as high waisted pants.”


Michelle, 22

“My style is bright and striking block colours and reminiscent of the 90s. I’m incredibly inspired by anybody who dresses to reflect their essence – so I think choosing to move to San Francisco was the perfect decision because I’m constantly surrounded by it.”

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