Scenes From The SF Pillow Fight

Totally normal VDay activity - pillow fight!!! 😎🤘🏻❤#pillowfightsf

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In case you weren't in the know — singles this year got their aggression out with a good ole' pillow fight.

Taking place at the Embarcadero center, people of all ages got to enjoy a relaxing and eventful pillow fight. Market Street now being lined in feather, pillow stocks at Ross and Marshall's are through the roof (sarcasm).

But in case you did miss it. Here are some of the contenders snaps via Instagram. We'll inform you about the next one for sure.

Short arms put you at a disadvantage. #PillowFightSF #TRex

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|| Pillow (feather) talk || Happy Valentine's Day

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Tried something new for Valentine's Day 😅 #pillowfightsf #sfpillowfight #valentinesday

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Happy Valentine's Day gals 💜#pillowfightsf @paulinenikolai @mik_kimchi

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Found #deadmau5 at the #PillowFightSF! #parenting

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