Get Them Kickstarted: The Skunk Lock Changes Up The Bike Theft Game in SF

You know that smell all too well, when you hit a skunk with your car and the toxic aroma smacks you dead in the face. Enter Skunk Lock, a burst-able aroma lock-“bomb” that can make your bike thieves vomit on contact.

And we hate it after a long day of work, we find that our bike has been broken apart and stolen. It’s really sucks. SF engineer Daniel Idzkowski is saying enough is enough with his latest invention.

After my friends and I had our bikes stolen over and over we decided to revisit how a lock could deter a thief and start a revolution in the process.

Coming up with the prototype of the pressurized tube, Idzkowski slogan-ed his lock breakthrough with the “bike lock that fights back.” A u-lock that has a pressurized vomit-inducing liquid inside that, if cut, sprays all over a would-be thief.

In his chat with The Guardian, Idzkowski took a stand to bike thieves, “It’s pretty much immediately vomit inducing, causes difficulty breathing. A lot of similar symptoms to pepper spray.” And to also keep into perspective, one bike is stolen every three hours in San Francisco and most of them are never recovered because they’re being taken apart quickly in chop shops. The city also estimates more than $4.6 million worth of bikes are stolen each year.

With the Skunk Lock, the chemicals it sprays out won’t kill you but it’ll definitely put a bad taste in your mouth. He says the chemical is legal, and that he has tested it on himself and friends (with permission, we assume). “At two feet it was pretty bad,“ he told the paper. "It was absolutely vomit inducing in 99% of people. At five feet it’s very noticeable and the initial reaction is to move away from it.”

Though the con to this invention is that if say the bike tries to get stolen on a busy strip (such as Valencia street), it could go off in a crowd of people causing mass panic. Totally our assumption but it wouldn’t end pretty for anyone.

Idzkowski hopes to deliver the locks by June of next year, and his Indigogo campaign is over halfway funded.

Written by Anthony Rogers, photos courtesy of Skunk Lock — Is it funny or possibly dangerous? Let us know on Twitter.

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