Slips on like a glove.
Playsuit reaches new height in wearable tech.
How can the Playsuit work for you?
Approximately 90% of women’s dresses and blazers don’t even have pockets, while men’s jackets and trousers consistently have deep, sturdy, and extensive storage units; allowing them to carry phones, ke ys, and commerce everywhere they go. Furthermore men’s apparel incorporat es fly holes, standardized sizing, and durable textiles while women are subject to too-thin materials, and cumbered restroom and dressing routines. These discrepancies contribute to lower confidence, excessive self-body monitor ing, and untapped potential in women.


Jolie Coquette
A Romper for All Women

The style of women is changing daily, minute by minute the newest “it” romper is on the rack. But that’s the mere problem of on the rack rompers, it can and will be changed out for something new and better. So where does that leave you? The loyal, I’m gonna spend my money, customer. As a female shopper you want to invest in a piece that’ll last a lifetime… Or until you’re dead. That’s where Jolie Coquette comes into play, or playsuit rather. Keep reading to find out more.


With a sublimely l’art de vivre visual campaign, women’s fashion brand Jolie Coquette launches its premier 40 day Kickstarter campaign; for an inventive, feminist, take on the classic one- piece romper – The Playsuit .

The Playsuit functions like a wearable Swiss army blade for the wearer . It has concealed buttons, cardholders, stretch, deep pockets, an d bra strap holders where women need them most . A looks-like dress design inconspicuously built as shorts, makes skirting around the city in an almost-mini a modest affair. This is perfect for biking to brunch on a Saturday, running errands in the city, expert cuddling, or cart wheeling at a picnic in the park. It’s a go-to garment for all of life’s extraordinarily ordinary moments.

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