Soma Water Filter Gets Slimmer and Sleeker

Becoming your next desk essential, the hit water filtering system (used by companies like Boba Guys, American Red Cross, etc) has launched their even smaller design. Everything looks so cute when it’s tinier.

From their successful campaign with Juice Served Here to their name stay launch in 2014, Soma Water has been the talk of the town. Highlighting clean drinkable water and very chic packaging and design.

The Soma slim now comes with the same taste you’ve come to drink but takes up less space, 4.5x9.5 to be exact. Launching in early August, Soma’s hope for their newest baby is to outreach the design to a younger audience. Going to college? Moving into your first apartment? The Soma slim is the perfect first timer’s water filter.

It’s designed to take up less space on your countertop, fridge or desk. It holds up to 6 cups of filtered water, made with shatter-proof, BPA-free plastic + sustainably harvested bamboo, and best of all — it’s $29.99. Sorry Brita, we’ve moved on.

Also, every time you buy a Soma filter, they donate to charity water projects. These contributions go directly to sustainable, community-owned water projects in developing countries all around the globe. A win-win if you ask us.

// You can pre-order your Soma slim here before anyone else. It will ship early August so act fast? Want to get involved with Soma and their giving projects? The Soma community is alive and well.

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