Tending to a culturally rich neighborhood, SPACE236 over the course of months became the breeding ground for original art that spoke to the skid row of San Francisco. Now being forced to move out, the gallery dedicates a tribute to the neighbors that they have come to call friends.

“It has been a rewarding year. The lessons we’ve learned and the friends we’ve made have been life-enriching to say the least,” said the gallery on it’s homepage about the impending move. Originally conceived by the Tenderloin Housing Clinic and local branding consultancy Design Rehab, SPACE236 was launched and funded by the city to bring culture to the TL.

Their final exhibition Neighbors, pays a cheerful nod to those who continue to make the TL an interesting place to call home. “We cannot remove the very bold and gritty nature of the ‘Loin and it’s residents, but we can help pedestrians understand that there’s a beauty in its natural state and that all it requires is a different perspective.” The space got together 10 fantastic local street photographer’s to tell the story for those who couldn’t. (ADRIAN SKY, PHIL STOCKBRIDGE, ROBBY DURLER, SOTHEAR “SALT” NUON, VIKRAM VALLURI, ABDULLAH SHAKUR, ANDO CAULFIELD, ANDREW CHAN, BRENTON GIESER, FELIX URIBE.)

“We’re losing the space but we made new friends,” gallery curator Barry Lai said about the crowd. But no tears filled the room as celebration was afoot. The memories and experiences shared across the hollows of the gallery brought up so many good times — a little saddening to say the least as one would never guess this was the space’s final show. “It’s unfortunate that our building was acquired with an alternative agenda of what the building should be used for in 2017.“

"It means a lot to me that we were able to create, connect and bring together a new group, in an area with some problems, and get such a positive feedback and support from the community,” said photographer Robby Durler.

// Neighbors will be showing through November 11, 2016 at SPACE236, 236 Leavenworth St., Tenderloin, Open Tue - Fri 11 a.m. - 5 p.m., space236sf.com

Written by the Bob Cut Editors, photos sourced from the #NeighborsTL hashtag on Instagram — Need that art fix? Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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