Summer Artists To Put In Your Playlist Right Now


Get ready to expand your iTunes library because these Individuals are killing the music game. We’re not sorry for the lost hours of jamming incisively.


G-Eazy // American Rap & Hip Hop

Clawing his way to fame, G-Eazy (or Young Gerald) hit number one this year with his chart-topping album, It’s Dark Out. Born in Oakland, G-Eazy created a name for himself in the East Bay rap scene and put together local group Bay Boyz, who released a number of songs via their Myspace page. Go ahead and mellow out to I Mean It off of his record-breaking first album.


Tune-Yards // Experimental Sound

New York-bred and Oakland-raised, Merrill Garbus takes her audiences on a sensual experience. Garbus creates drum loops on the spot, and layers them with badass ukulele and vocals, in addition to the electric bass vibes played by partner Nate Brenner. Their most recent, Nikki Nack, hit stands in early May 2014, and we’re still dancing along to every track.


Nicki Bluhm // Country

With the sweet, melodic twangs of her guitar, Nicki Bluhm fills our Sundays brunches with wonder and beautiful songs. A singer, musician, and songwriter from Lafayette, Nicki has performed with The Gramblers since 2008, and with a country music cover band developed by Tim Bluhm (of The Mother Hips ) and members of ALO. If you’re looking to unleash your inner mellow girl, listen to Queen of the Rodeo.


Giraffage // Trance & EDM

Charlie Yin (a.k.a Giraffage) has been blowing up the American EDM scene with performances at almost every major music fest this year: Outside Lands, Hard Summer, and even Sun God Festival. Yin grew up in San Jose and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in political economics before pursuing music full time and has since collaborated with some of EDM’s biggest producers including Porter Robinson. We’re vibing to Tell Me, off of his 2014 album.


Toro y Moi // Chillwave

Chazwick Bradley Bundick has single-handedly re-imagined the chillwave music scene. And just what is chillwave? It’s a genre of music whose artists are often characterized by their heavy use of effects processing, synthesizers, looping, sampling, and heavily filtered vocals with simple melodic lines. Just FYI. Toro y Moi released our most fav album What For? And shared the hypnotic track “Empty Nesters.” Why not give his song, Lily, some love while you’re stalking his Spotify playlist.


Zion I // Hip Hop

Hustling since the late ‘90s, Zion I is a classic San Francisco hip-hop duo.Their 2000 debut album, Mind Over Matter was nominated for “Independent Album of the Year” by The Source magazine. Listen to “Coastin” the next time you’re driving down the 101 — an instant classic.


Bells Atlas // Pop

Oakland newcomer Bells Atlas is sweeping the East Bay music scene with grace and amazing tunes. The band speaks to local issues and social movements through the soundwaves of their hypnotic melodies. No day would be complete without listening to, Video Star. Trust us, it’s hella good.

Written by Anthony Rogers, Meet cool bay area peeps and peep their lifestyle. Need to get out of the house.. well apartment? We’ve got a few places to try out.

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