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Airbnb’s Flaccid SF Ads
When Airbnb put up ads suggesting various ways San Francisco could use the company’s tax payments, it was undoubtedly aiming to drum up good will. Stories from Our Advertisers “Dear Parking Enforcement,” one of the ads read, “Please use the $12 million in hotel taxes to feed all expired parking meters. Love, Airbnb.” Another directed the city not to spend the money “all in one place,” but then said that if it did, “we suggest burritos.” But instead of good will, the flippant tone of the ads, which went up on billboards and bus stops around the city on Wednesday, unleashed a torrent of sarcasm and anger on social media. “I’m happy to hear that you paid your taxes this year,” Martha Kenney, an assistant professor at San Francisco State University, posted on Facebook. “I did too! Isn’t it awesome?”Keep reading…

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Words by SYDNEY EMBER and MIKE ISAAC for NY Times.

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