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Shia LaBeouf in Jail… Obviously.
Actor Shia LaBeouf was released from jail Friday morning after being arrested Thursday night for allegedly disturbing a performance of the musical “Cabaret,“ New York law enforcement officials have confirmed. "It’s due to his violent behavior toward patrons,” said Brian Sessa, a police spokesman, told the Los Angeles Times on Thursday night. According to a criminal complaint, LaBeouf refused to leave Studio 54 after he stood up in the middle of a theatrical performance and began yelling loudly at the actors on stage. As he was escorted out of the theater, a police officer said, LaBeouf employed some obscenities and: “I observed the defendant scream at me in substance … Do you know my life? … Do you know who I am?” Keep reading…

Shia LaBeouf

Words by Javier Panzar, Ryan Parker for LA Times.

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