'Sweet Memory' Is Gorgeous To Look At And Even More Delicious to Eat!

'Sweet Memory' Is Gorgeous To Look At And Even More Delicious to Eat!

Sweet treats so real, you could almost snack them.

Yueyun Zhang's fondest childhood memories revolve around after-school baking with her family. These baking sessions were intimate moments when the Zhang family would come together to relax and reconnect after hours at school or work. Unfortunately, at age 12, Yueyun developed an egg allergy and the baking stopped. The time spent creating sweets with her family remained a treasured memory revisited during bouts of loneliness.

Yueyun has been revered as an incredibly detailed fine art painter, her realistic style extends from the food realm to figure, fabric, and all objects in between. Her realistic depictions of sweets aim to convey the awe, love, and nostalgia she experiences when encountering these delicious confections.

Of course, you've got to see the exhibition yourself, it'll make your mouth water!

// 'Sweet Memory,' July 6th — July 26th, 2801 Leavenworth St., North Beach, instagram.com

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