Synesthesia: Mind Over Matter


When particles, matter, and colors combine - it brings out a phenomena that creates true hue. Synesthesia, the study of neurological stimulation has us wondering? What stimulates us?


Here is the thing, waking up is good, but you know what’s even better? Waking up to a fresh breakfast, a new car, a diamond ring - all items materialized at the start of your hectic day.

Now you’re at work, you have multiple spread sheets to get through so what could possibly signify a stimulation in you either good or bad? The power goes out and you’re allowed to leave early or a co-worker calls in sick and you have to finish their work. The brain power of stimulation is an inductive feeling. 

When was the last time you’ve ever been stimulated? And we don’t mean sexually, whether you were angry at a person, happy at a life moment, sad at a crisis. Why did that bring your body to have such a visual reaction? We’ve pondered this with now the passing of the Holiday season. People opening their gifts to either a fake smile or tears of over enjoyment. One could say that material objects are so brought in with our 21st century type of living that it’s only that makes us happy. Other could say that being raised in a certain environment makes the person react to certain changes or walls in their life, small or big.


Have you ever wanted to watch a movie in the theaters because the poster intrigued your eyes. You’re set in your mind that this is a film you need to see before it is taken out of theaters. So you bite the bullet, pay the $11.25, buy your overpriced popcorn, and prepare to be either disappointed or completely fulfilled. The entire process of putting on pants, uber’ing to the location, and using all your attention to focus is what some could say as Synesthesia. Making your mind want to like it and want to recant the actions over and over again for those exact feelings you felt just moment ago.


Photography by Randy Tran
STYLIST: Kaitlyn Vitug
MODELS: Ellen V Lora & Francis Lola
HAIR: Alex Thao
MAKEUP: Hikari Murakami

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