Tartine Chefs Nick Balla And Cortney Burns Plan Japanese-Inspired Spinoff Called Motze

The mastermind couple behind the soon-to-be-renamed Bar Tartine are in the works of a second project and we can only imagine that it will be equally as delicious.

As they just revealed to Eater, chefs Nick Balla and Cortney Burns are testing out dishes for a new spot heavier on the Japanese influence, to be called Motze, beginning next week, on Monday August 15, and will be following suit with Motze “pop-ups” every Monday thereon.

Balla’s previous experience with O Izakaya shaped the techniques of Japanese cuisine that we will see in this new test kitchen. Burns recently took a research trip to Japan to learn about fermented rice, and both chefs share a passion for the humble and homemade elements in global cuisine, and the ways in which regional cuisines have mixed and mingled over time.

Soon, Bar Tartine will become Crescent, with the kitchen and menu staying the same, and Balla and Burns will be on the hunt for a space to open Motze — which is named after an ancient Chinese philosopher, also spelled Mozi, who per Wikipedia rejected the fatalism of Confucianism and “emphasized self-reflection and authenticity rather than obedience to ritual.”

For the time being, reservations for one of the Monday prix fixe dinners can be made, which will be $58 per person, and will include “Dishes like black koji and flax seed crackers with salmon roe; fat dumplings with egg and shiso; poached chicken with tomato chili paste; and eggplant with rye shoyu, nepitella (a mint-like herb), and avocado; and sesame candy with bee pollen.”


Written by Anthony Rogers, photo sourced from Edible San Francisco — Eat your way through our food tab. So good, it may give you a food coma.

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