Polaroids Of SF Shows How Seriously Groovy We Once Were

Totally. Groovy.

In the private photo collection of Charles W. Cushman, recently made available online through the Indiana University Archives, there's a group of photos that were all likely shot in the same month, March 1967. Cushman gave us a taste of San Francisco that was unadulterated, totally floral, and vibrantly filled with PoC and color itself.

Cushman was one of the earliest photographers to capture the Golden Gate Bridge in color, and in 1969, the hobbyist became an early adopter of color film, he was a fan of cars, flora, and architecture, and made repeated trips to photograph flowers blossoming in Golden Gate Park and the Palace of Fine Arts at various times of day.

Some of Cushman's labels even refer to the younger generation as the "Beat Generation."

// Read more about Cushman's life and legacy here.

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