Off The Menu: The Bird, The Chicken Sandwich Go-To Has Just Opened

And we’re nom’ing hard on their fluffy and beautifully roasted chicken sandwichs, SoMa just won another eatery heartthrob.

From the mind of consulting chef Blair Warsham, The Bird has crafted this mouthwatering chicken sandwich with gluten-free, berbere-spiced batter. The lines of people waiting “patiently” prove it. And the sandwich is $8, and comes in regular or spicy — easy peasy.

Hoping to sell at least 200 sandwiches at launch, these hungry techies won’t soon go hungry. They’re planning only to stay open for as long as it takes.

What seemed like a mystery on Instagram for nearly 6 months, Restaurateur Adriano Paganini—the man behind Starbelly, Beretta, Delarosa, Super Super, and more—may have another hit on his hands. The Bird is aiming to draw a ton of the SoMa tech crowd while also catering to the Academy of Art University crowd. Think affordable, hearty, and tell them you want a lunch and dinner time too. Chicken sandwich warriors away.

// The Bird, 115 New Montgomery Street, SoMa, Open Mon - Sat from 11 a.m.  – 10 p.m.,

Written by the Bob Cut Editors, photos courtesy of The Bird — Need more foodie updates? Our newsletter is jam packed.

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