The Bob Cut August App Roundup: What You Need to Download NOW


We’ve been trying a couple of apps that are great for your Bay Area life. Whether you’re on the move and planted on the couch, gives these applications a whirl for August.



We are not sorry for the addiction that comes along with playing this game and it’s premise? Simple, stack boxes on top of each other and don’t let them fall off. As you stack, the tops starts to thin out making it difficult to stack perfectly. As a side note: this game is perfect for children who need something to focus on. Nephew tested. // free



This has to be the cutest and most informative weather app to date. Of course, I need to know if it’s going to be a possible rainstorm or heatwave whilst living in the middle of downtown SF. Forget the blatant lie that the built-in weather apps may say because this one is our go-to. // free



All hail straight lines! Utilize this app’s many tools that mimic the movements of a tilt shift lens. Say goodbye to those awkward table-top brunch shots and say hello to a perfectly curated photo stream of OCD-fixed perspectives. And when we mean curated, we mean PERFECTED. // free



Say goodbye to that chore wheel, and hello to this slick app to sort your household duties! Leave messages for your roommates on the whiteboard, split and schedule bill payments, and create tasks for shopping and chores. So whilst living with 4 to 5 people at a time, never have to do the awkward door knocking collections again. // free



The jumping dinosaur widget game you didn’t know you needed! So how do you play it? Easy, bring down your notification tab and start tapping away, the app instantly builds into your phones backend. In-app purchases are for different characters, such as ‘Zvi’ aka Nyan Cat, Charmander, and others for only 99¢. So this personal Tamagotchi is nostalgic and quite addicting. // free

Conducted by Ashley Tarr, photos sourced from the respective app’s websites — Are you techy? We’ve got just the thing for you. Also, subscribe to our newsletter and never miss a Bay Area beat.

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