The Boy Wonder: Nam MacNguyen

Bringing it back to the paper, illustrator Nam MacNguyen hails from the suburbia capital of California, San Jose.

Inspired by ball and pen pointillism, MacNguyen creates his signature character which reminds us of our usual Sunday paper comics. Bob Cut got to talk with MacNguyen about how this character came to life.

“I really don’t know, this illustration kind of just came to me. I didn’t put much thought into him but he seemed right.” MacNguyen started illustrating in high school and moved into doing sketches for personal use and also for freelance - drawing album covers and t-shirt designs.

With every new comic slide, the character MacNguyen draws finds himself in some peculiar predicaments. Laying in a bed of flowers, trapped in a forest, stuck in cartoon hell, whatever the work. “There really isn’t a rhyme or reason to each drawing, it’s by how the flow goes when I start drawing him.”

// Artwork from MacNguyen. Want to see more of Q.Mac’s work? Click there. This story was published in 2015.

 Photography by Anthony Rogers of Neo Visualism Photography |

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