The Hottest Hook Up App You Haven’t Tried, Lyft.


When the bedroom romance has fizzled and the hotel rentals have become scarce - what’s the next best thing? Call a mobile rock-the-boat, happy fornicating San Francisco.

While sitting pretty 15 minutes into the ride, i was seated in the front seat and as usual, or as the rest of San Francisco, I don’t engage too much in the conversation with other line passengers especially when they sit behind me.

The driver and I met an average looking couple, stopped at their pick up location and both a female and male passenger hopped into the car; off we went. The couple who sat behind me were making small casual talk about their relationship; the girlfriend appeared to be jealous of some other girlfriend of theirs, and the boyfriend reassured her that he is totally into the present girl. They began kissing rather sporadically when suddenly Adele’s “Hello” came on the radio. Not even two seconds later, the girl began what had seemed to be crying from the back seat. I knew Adele did that to people but never expected to see it in person.

I didn’t dare to turn around but thought that perhaps she was being emotional hearing the soothing tones of Adele’s melancholy voice. The awkwardness persisted for an extended amount of time, not a peep could be heard, until the driver raised their voice, ”ARE YOU GUYS OK BACK THERE?“ followed by, ”DON’T YOU DO THAT STUFF IN MY CAR!“ The girlfriend retaliated with cuss words and shouted back, “let us out of the fucking car!” The driver did just that and slammed his brakes to the curb whilst yelling, “the fuck out of my car.”

While words such as, “Cunt, fucker, asshole” were exchanged - a punch had been thrown toward the driver while the girlfriend rushed out of the car. The boyfriend didn’t rush off immediately, but was trying to pacify the situation by talking to driver.

And as anyone would, the driver threatened to press charges against the couple. Like duh. Mind you I was sitting in the front seat the entire time this was all occurring. I just wanted to get a cheaper ride…

I had no idea what was even going on until both of them got out of the car and the driver had to explain to me that the girl was sucking. his. dick. Talk about real life hook ups on the go. I was horrified, disgusted, recalling the sound of "sobbing” was indeed, the sound of the said action. I opened the window to let some air in because the car needed to be purified.

Editor’s note:
Gotta love the line sharing experience, If we could only make hook up apps on the go then we could revolutionize the world.

Words by J From The Inner Richmond
Collage by Anthony Rogers

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