History Isn’t Dead: The San Francisco Mint Building Secures $1 Million Dollar Grant

History Isn’t Dead: The San Francisco Mint Building Secures $1 Million Dollar Grant

This piece of fine aged history will begin to see a new light in 2018 as she has secured herself a pretty $1 Million dollar restoration grant.

The 142-year-old Old Mint, located at 88 Fifth St., has sat dormant since the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society’s lease was terminated early last year due to lack of progress on fundraising towards renovations, which include earthquake retrofitting and a complete overhaul of the building’s elevator system. The Mint however has been promoted and used as a semi-party and cocktail night space while it’s stairs laid as bedding for those who needed it.

While being on the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s “top 11” list of endangered historic places in the U.S. — SF needed to step in to preserve this fine piece of architecture. And with an $100 million dollar retrofitting bill, the city was none to quick to jump on the project. Mayor Lee held a press conference outside the building to share the latest milestone in the building’s saga, along with California Historical Society Executive Director and CEO Anthea Hartig; State Senator Mark Leno; San Francisco Assemblymember Phil Ting; and Mike Sangiacomo, California Historical Society president and CEO of Recology.

“Every time I come in here I fall in love with this place,”

Mayor Lee said during the press conference. “She is still a rugged granite lady that represents so much of the history of the city and the state.”

Though no development plan schematics or graphs will be shown to the public until end of 2017, so sit back and breathe easy.

Written by Anthony Rogers, photo courtesy of the Mint SF — Did we miss something going on in your neighborhood? Send us a tip!

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