The Price For Quality: Pour Over For a $15 Dollar Cup of Coffee.

We may have seen it all but when we heard about the cup of coffee costing a whopping $15 dollars we just had to discuss. who needs a caffeine hit?

If $4 dollar toast wasn’t enough to break the minds of San Franciscans, well no fear because sliding into first place of ‘ridiculous’ prices is a pour over cup of joe from Equator Coffee.

And guess what, in a flash, the cups sold out immediately. “You’re the last one who’s going to get this this year,” said Equator spokesman Asaash Saini. “We actually sold about 20 at this location, and that’s all we had really planned for.” - As told to SFGate.

The reasoning behind Finca Sophia (the pour over process offered by Equator,) it’s “essentially daring people to come in and ask about it so that baristas could “educate” people on the product.” The beans are delicately hand picked, prepared, and sent to the recent chains’ locations for coffee lovers alike to bask in all its rich goodness. “After years of planning and preparation, we are finally ready to release the inaugural harvest of Finca Sophia,” Equator stated on the company website.

Taking notes from it’s very close Sonoma wine cousins, the coffee line wanted to create a process that customers who were eagerly curious could, in fact, learn much more about coffee in an intimate setting.

So tell us, $15 bucks or nah? We’re definitely curious on our part.

Sources gathered from SF Gate. Images sourced from Style Frizz. How about try this coffee chain, plus they’ll deliver it on a bike. Want to see what we’ve been doing on the site? Click here and be teleported to a fun and exciting playground and not it’s not Badlands.

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