These New BART Seats Are Oh-So-Sexy (And Spoiler Alert: Not Cloth.)

Hold onto your seats and favorably not the bed bug ridden kind, SF BART shared a photo to their Twitter of the almost ready-to-debut seats and carriage and boy — they are so chic, we want to know, what’s the rent?.

First, officials are quick to assure us, “the seats feel great. Not spongy like the old fabric BART seats. Somewhere in between, that felt for our rider, just right.”

Running in the summer of 2011, the “seat labs” involved 2,000+ passengers trying out one of twelve seat variants (the full findings are available to read online). “Participants were given the opportunity to comment on various types of material,” reads a summary of the findings, “and the word ‘clean’ was used 653 times in comments”

Some 49ner’s fans were quick to jump to the fact that the seat color palette resembles that of the Seattle Seahawks to which Bart officials quickly denied.

BART Chief Marketing Officer Aaron Weinstein said “we were fortunate to have over 35,000 customers give us feedback during the design phase. That really helped us refine the seat details and make the new seats comfortable and easier to keep clean.”

See this handy diagram below of some of the newest features.

// The first of the new cars are scheduled to go into service before the end of this year, so you should have the chance to form your own opinion in the very near future. 

Written by Anthony Rogers — Bay Area culture at it’s finest. Got a hot tip? Send it our way, let’s talk about it!

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